Aug 15, 2012

Colours of Talk

When your status show 'Green'
You are 'available' to talk, talk and talk
you still don't

When I  pester, then you go 'Red' with anger
showing me 'Busy',
you still talk

You remain mum for long time, turning 'Orange'
But showing me 'Idle'
you still reply to me

After sometime you go 'invisible'
drowning out the crowd just to talk to me in anticipation,
or is there someone else you would like to talk to?

The entire day goes by
talking, laughing, crying, giggling, kissing and hugging
with all the possible symbols using.


ARUN said...

post modern poem...

Larissa Dundon said...

Hello Arun,
I have read your post on "Colours of talk". It is really cute post. I am working in Vancouver digital marketing and I am feeling so tired right now but after reading your blog, I am feeling fresh and good. Thank you so much for posting such a nice post. Keep posting.
Best regards

Meethi Imli said...

Thx Larissa, it's Poornima who posted it...and it's me...thx for all your encouragement..:)