Jun 5, 2011

Refrigerator's Revenge!

It was perfect lazy morning, off from work, woke up late. It was the day to purge the home.

Started with soaking my "not so soiled" clothes for washing. Cleaning stuffs here and there and without my realization it was already noon by then. My stomach was growling for food. Started looking out for something in fridge which can be quickly grabbed  and munched on. Luckily found a packet of chikki (candy made out of groundnut and jaggery).  Yummy! I Crumbled a piece and very soon I was onto the last one finishing the entire 70 gms of it, which gave me some 500KCal of energy ( written on the wrapper ;). Now that I was  feeling full, so decided to work on some more and started cleaning my kitchen and cleaned entire house quickly. My sweet  lil house looked impeccably clean with  glittering white tiles. Now am induced to clean my refrigerator as well,  hey wait!said my mind ,orienting  me that am just too tired to take up that task today. Anyways it was not looking that dirty so tried to persuade myself.

As  it was already late noon it would be right thing to start cooking my lunch, so went on digging my fridge  and found some pudina (mint) leaves which looked fresh green. Thought of making some rice out of it would be apt.

The preparation began.... precisely, all i needed now is to grind pudina leaves, fresh coconut with green chillies and ginger. Apparently it was meant for one serving so I envisaged it would fit in small jar of my food processor. When I started to grind, it seemed like i had to grind in two courses. Am super bad at proportioning food stuffs. The mixture wasn't mixing well so accidentally added more water which I was suspecting. Without realizing that ,  I turned the processor on and to my surprise the gravy splashed all over the kitchen, spotting  fridge, my  lovely colorful magnetic buttons, comic magnetic stickers, white floor, white processor, white walls, I got pudina hair pack and face pack together..:) everything around turned "Green"!!!! huh! my Greenpeace magnetic sticker seemed like complimenting my task.. "go green gal", thank God i had removed off that "World Environment Day" sticker few days back, else it would also join Greenpeace's league. All my hard work  so far looked superfluous.. :(

Shrek, Kung-fu panda, Mc'doggy  (all my Mc'D's toy collection) were having fun with green paste splashed on them. My refrigerator was over whelmed, i was wondering why is he looking so joyful! He started to tease me. Saying to me that now you have to clean me as well... all my neighbors looked so clean around except me. Small  soft cushions on sofa and cot, the cute lil soft red toy sitting on the edge of my television  all were jumping in joy to see the messed up kitchen and me.

Then came my  Prince and Princess of Rangeelo Rajasthan with their sword, horses, camels and elephants hung on the windows  ran down from the hall to kitchen to my rescue from this embarrassment and clean up the kitchen. So refrigerator was successful in taking his revenge on me for leaving him uncleaned. Ah! finally ended up winning the battle against  all the mussiness around with my refrigerator by cleaning everything  all over again, befriending with him and  eventually relishing my hot pudina pulav...:)

EOD it was so much fun... ;)