Jan 26, 2010

I Fell In Love With "Her " Again!

She is 61 year old, if you just turn that digits the other way round she sounds not less than a 16 year old girl...still have the same charm, enthu , beauty, glamor and what not. She is loving, caring and majestic. I once again fell in Love with all her radiant colors, her moods and her sympathy towards humans, her toleration et al.. no one can just beat her in beauty as well as her revolt. Yes my populace.... its none other than "My Mother India". We can call it as "World at one place".
I wish I would have been in Delhi on this auspicious day, that is 26th January. My tears slowly but surely stabbed down from my eyes with lots of Love and Pride. Felt fortunate enough to be born on this land of duty and dignity the one and only Incredible INDIA!.

It really drove my adrenaline rush when saw the soliders marching forward in that piercing cold weather. Yes because of the sacrifices of these brave soldiers we have our sound sleep and sweet dreams... my thankful salutes to all these guys.

As I was watching the Republic Day Celebration at Rajghat, along Vijaypath in Delhi, just could not help getting goose bumps by hearing the heroic stories of the martyr soldiers who won "Ashok Chakra" and also some "National Bravery Award" winner kids too... felt so touched.... hats off to those brave hearted guys there.

The tableaux were fantastic way of reflecting our Indian culture and rich heritage... "Unity in Diversity"... all the different regiments, the Army, Navy and Air Force shows, parades... all made feel proud that India has so much to safeguard its wealth. Wealth not only means to enjoy for self, its also meant to share and distribute its richness may be in terms of sharing our values with the whole world out there. Really one makes feel proud that we have so much to offer to the world.

We Indians should safeguard all our cultural heritage and carry forward to the next coming generations together. Lets conserve all our natural resources, give clean and safe environment to our offsprings. Help the needy and spend time with the less fortunate, physically and mentally challenged people. At least give back something good to the society from which we enjoy so much, its our duty to give back.. lets promise on this occasion that we will do our best to make this a better place. Hope am not getting too much here... ahem!

India, is a country of peace... lets not make her into pieces... :(

Very proud to say that we are having the most young/ youth population in the world. Lets make good out of our young energy and make a positive difference to India and the world.

Let our National Flag unfurl for all the prosperity and peace in the country and in the entire world... thats what we pray in sanskrit... "Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu" meaning Let the whole world be happy!

Lets say Vande Mataram!
Vande Mataram!

Jai Hind!