Mar 22, 2010

The Lost Child!

It was Sunday afternoon and had nothing much to do and just thought to visit the most awaited and is said to be the biggest mall in India "The Mantri Mall" located at Malleshwaram in Bangalore. I had warned him not to go on Sundays to this mall, as I could see the huge crowd daily while heading from office to home.

He was totally taken back seeing the crowd, the traffic, everything looked terrific and so distrubing and unorganized as of yet. I said its the wrong time to visit, but not sure when is the right time though to visit it. People seemed so crazy to see the building and feel the shops... small babies in the trolleys and the old ones on wheel chair.. everyone was there... My goodness i told him i don't want to see it after seeing the crowd outside. The vehicles puking all its carbon and yelling at other vehicles with horns on each other for making their way to the mall was absolute perturbing to the babies and old people. yet all wanted to have a look at it and take rounds there.

The Welcoming Entrance

I could not make out whats what and where in the mall, all i could see is people, people and only people around. You can just imagine shops overloaded with people more than the goods in it. The mall was totally "packed with people".

The Exterior of the mall

We were just out after getting billed our goods in a trolley (totally not wanted to shop, but ended up buying quite few things) i happened to see a boy crying and wandering with fear in his eyes. No one even bothered to ask the child, suddenly i stopped the guy and started to enquire what was the problem with him. Poor thing was so scared to even talk. I tried to comfort him and take the number of his mom, within no time his mom suddenly appeared and i handed over the boy to her. That boy started hitting his mom in anger for leaving him behind somewhere, hmm huh! i can understand the frustration, fear and anger.. with mixed feelings of that l'll heart.. :( This reminded me of a lesson i read in school called "The Lost Chid" by Mulkraj Anand... :)

We were just taking rounds and could only finish ground floor and first floor, i donno how many where there. Already started feeling sick about the place.. . and were totally exhausted and was getting too late at night.

Actually it could be a nice place to hangout on weekdays, when there is less crowd. It has lot of things to check out, just a day is not that all sufficient to have a look at it at least... :)

For shop-o-holics its the right place.. everything under one roof... rush in there now...!

For more information about the mall click here

Happy Shopping... :)