Dec 30, 2009

Certain things never change

Recently i had been to my hometown and i was really happy to see the same people around whom I am seeing more than a decade. Am glad that they have not changed. I feel like am on cloud number nine when am there. Its so peaceful.

Meet Yellavva our maid, am sorry i do not want to call her as my maid at all. She is as good as one of our family members. She is been helping us since more than a decade. You can just leave your house in her custody and find everything in place. The word faithful fails to explain her. I really run short to talk about her. She is nearly 65 and so active that even youngsters should be ashamed about themselves. She is so over active, she climbs tree, jumps compound walls and what not. She always walks miles together barefooted irrespective of any season. You can't even find a single gray hair and loss of tooth, she has good eye sight and hearing as well. Also knows so many home remedies for illness, takes care of our small garden without we being asking her. She is strong and tough like a stone. Touch wood she should be fit and fine for years to come. Its really hard to find a person like her to help us in these days.
She do not feel hesitated to ask tea whenever she feels like having. She calls my dad as her brother and he prepares tea for both of them many times. As my dad is teao-holic.. so my mom is tired of preparing tea for him... :)

She is also a great believer in God.

The puffed rice vendor, he is giving us the puffed rice more than a decade only.

The vegetable vendor, she even blessed me for my prosperity... how sweet of her. How many of them in metros will we can see vendors like this? I really feel good when I see all of them whenever i go there. They feel that they are seeing their daughter. Its really a nice feeling for me.. am obliged.. :)

Both of them are enjoying their pan, which they keep on chewing as and when they get time in between their work.

She selects the good chillies for us and gives the best.

Meet Akkamma, a maid lives her life by herself. I was surprised to see a mobile set in her hand and just took a pix of her when she was busy talking to someone. This one really depicts the changes happening.
It feels good to see certain things change and few remains the same. I know change is way of life.. So is Akkamma evidence here.

The life in metros is crazy.. no one is even bothered to ask their neighbors how they are doing.. :( I hope the people at least in small town should never ever change...!