Jan 12, 2010

My name is Po...

I had just cut short my name from Poornima to Po. Someone just pinged me and said that my short name reminds him about a Psychiatrist and an International Author De bono. That guy coined the word Po and this guy who pinged me gave me the eitmology of this word.... :P So go ahead and read it... its interesting!

Meaning of Po: Beyond Yes and No is the basic primer of a revolutionary way of thinking. Edward de Bono maintains that most of us are trapped within the rigid confines of traditional thinking, limited by concepts which have developed simply for the purpose of arriving at the 'right' answer. While humanity has advanced technologically, in the realm of ideas and thought processes we are, he says, still using the restricted and the restricting concepts that have always been used.

He offers Po as a device for changing our ways of thinking: a method for approaching problems in a new and more creative way. It is the product of a research scientist who notably - and very entertainingly - thinks for himself.

I hope it is sufficient