Feb 19, 2010

Some old provisions...

These will surely take you back in time if you were in your schools in 80's and 90's as i was!
Just see them and fly back to that time........ when owning all these was so fun!

Hero Pens

Bril Ink, Camel and also Chelpark was there I remember!

Ball Point Pen.. Still we use it!

Our Geometry Box

Nataraj Pencils!

Camel Gum!

Our Sports Shoes!

Stamps.. which was a common hobby among almost all kids then!

Post Card!

Inland Letter! Hardly anyone uses all these now.. :(

Wow! Bubble Gum... what a strawberry flavor its still fresh in my mouth!

Cold Drink most famous apart from Thumps Up... was Gold Spot the zing thing!

Hmm I still remember this dialing Telephone... how exciting it was then to own one!

Floppy Disk!

Film Camera!

Film Rolls!

Audio Cassette!

Video Cassette!

School Pick Up! wow what a fun it was with all friends taking a ride on it....

We left back all these and now replaced with all branded Parker pens, shoes and all various funky designed geometry boxes, and bags. Post cards and letters replaced with phone calls, and telephones are replacing with mobile phones, iphones and blackberry.... cassettes with MP3s....hmm what a change!


Still miss all those wonderful Days!...... :(