Oct 23, 2013

A Date to Remember.. :))

Hello blog doston (friends)!!!, it’s been long time indeed that I've been away from blogging. Somehow couldn't really resist myself from posting this one for you all. Well, all these days “dating” for me was just a fairy tale. Never even dreamt about going out on a date someday in my thirties, barely any clue on how to act  or impress someone... :)

Working on the night shifts for nearly a year was really getting to my nerves and that I had decided to put down my papers. One afternoon while checking my mails, suddenly a young guy (Ranvir) pings me. While checking  my mailbox casually started chatting  with him and he introduces himself. (Do not wonder where he bumped into chat ... we met online... ;)) least bothered as just casually replied him saying that  I got to rush to my cousin's place for some family function. He insisted to take my few minutes to talk to me. Since i was in a hurry and thinking that just talking over phone is fine and so that I could wind up my work much faster to leave to my cousin's place.

The moment I shared my number with him, my phone rings with the beautiful ringtone i had set with. A gentle and sober voice comes from the other end saying sorry to insist me so much to talk to him. The conversation goes on and on. This went on for about half an hour. I was supposed to wind up fast but this guy keeping me engaged with his interesting talks about how well he gels with people of my zodiac sign! Which he admits is purely accidental. Suddenly it flashes me that i have to be somewhere and takes his leave, which he was not keen on doing it. After that we would just coincidentally find each other online and  chat casually. It went on for couple of weeks like this.

One Monday evening there was a meeting with my Managers at office. Having knowledge of  my situation, Ranvir pings me at around 12 midnight to find out about the meeting. Sad like hell, replied I had resigned from my job. Had he not taken off from his work that day probably, we wouldn't have met at that point of time. Sensing me feeling low and sad, he says that is just sounding like a small girl crying for dropping her ice cream on the ground. He was persistent in convincing me to agree upon meeting him in spite of my strong denials. It was the world coming to an end for me. Finally, i had to give up and said yes to him. As it had rained like cats and dogs, it was ice cold outside and was wondering how he is going to make it at that time? With a smile he asked me shall i come by bike or car? He assured me that he would drive me home safely. Soon I handed over my phone to one of my colleagues to guide him the route to my office. Everything happened so quickly that i hardly had any time to think over again about agreeing to meet this very little known stranger! I was going through such a bad time that barely wanted to think about anything. All excited to meet this interesting stranger, who wants to be with me during my not so good times.

All my team mates back at office started to pull my leg for going out with my boyfriend at midnight. Very little did they know about my situation? I hadn't spill a bean about my meeting with managers. Finishing my shift I was just waiting for him to give me a ring.

After an hour or so, my mobile phone rings and of-course it has to be him saying that he is already waiting for me downstairs. Now my heart came to my mouth. I wasn't this nervous even in my meeting. Just taking a deep breath took the lift to the ground floor and walked outside the building. Not finding him around gave him a call back and he asked me to walk still further near the gate.

There he was in a small red car. The watchman was getting all inquisitive with him.  I Walked towards him, shook his hand, just took a glimpse of him. He looked at me with a cute big smile and he almost looked the same as his profile picture on chat, quite a cutie. I sat next to him with all mixed feelings. Sad because of my bad day at work, at the same time excited that i was going out for the first time with a stranger. It was thrilling a bit and yes, without a dime of fear in me started out from office.

The moment we left our office premises he started to check on his friends if they were spying on him, whom he just said bye. Least bothering about them he just drove and our first pit stop was to fuel the car. He passed some 500 bucks to give away to the petrol guy. His hand gently touched with mine while passing the money and it was an amazing feeling for me and i was sure for him too.

With great curiosity asked him where were we heading to and why was it so important to pick me at that time? "Is it necessary to have a reason for whatever we do always?", he replied. He decided to take me to outskirts of the city where there we can eat and drink on the way in McDonald and Coffee Day was pretty sure that they going to be open during that time. He seemed to be good at driving, was scared to death as the road was pretty clear without any traffic. I requested him to slow down and drive me safe. Smiling at my fear for speed, he kept on saying that we may reach the place bit late. I was all silent and down, without a pinch of fear and hesitation. He was doing all the talking most of the time and i was just responding him. He cheered me up all the while and made me feel comfortable. We hardly saw each other’s face as he has to concentrate on his driving.

We reached McD had burger and coke... i preferred mango ice-cream and he chose chocolate one. He asked me if i want to taste the one he had, with little hesitation i said no. Then i thought i should ask him too, the moment i asked if he wanted to taste mango flavor he soon took a spoon out of it.... :)).

Then you know the regular conversation went on, about his childhood and i shared about mine... we were feeling good with each other.  It was freezing cold out there at night, but he was enjoying the weather. It was quite romantic. Then we moved from there, he was humming while driving, so i requested him to sing a song for me. He parked the car on the roadside and slowly with a low voice sang a romantic melody song "Aaap ki ankhon mein kuch mehke hue se raaz hain"; he was really good with that melodious romantic song. That was something special that anyone did for me and it felt so special. I hummed a gazal as well, which he loved and complimented. He was quite open minded and shared the moments of his life and experiences. By this time a beautiful dawn break for us, it was a wonderful memorable morning for me. As we approaching my home, i was feeling sad to depart and wishing so much to spend more time with Ranvir. Well, good times end fast, and we reached my side of city and shook his hand for the last time and thanked him for that wonderful time we spent together.

After i reached home, i get a message from him for the feedback. I replied saying that i liked him and it was my best date ever and thanked him endlessly for giving me his time. Ranvir says i missed out something with him. I was wondering and checked my bag, was wondering what he was talking about? He said i missed out to hug him. I was kind of taken back! He said that was mean of me for not even giving him a hug..... :)))) I apologized to him and he went on infatuating about me.... we never met after that huh!

Life gives many beautiful surprises to us; we should be open to change and embrace every moment as long as we live here. Should go out and do which we have not done before, that fun cannot be articulated. He got me out of my stress and worries when I most needed someone at that moment. He appeared as an angel before me at the right time. How can i ever forget him, who made me feel special and important?

 That was  an amazing day out with a wonderful stranger, who gave me a memory of lifetime.