Dec 30, 2009

Certain things never change

Recently i had been to my hometown and i was really happy to see the same people around whom I am seeing more than a decade. Am glad that they have not changed. I feel like am on cloud number nine when am there. Its so peaceful.

Meet Yellavva our maid, am sorry i do not want to call her as my maid at all. She is as good as one of our family members. She is been helping us since more than a decade. You can just leave your house in her custody and find everything in place. The word faithful fails to explain her. I really run short to talk about her. She is nearly 65 and so active that even youngsters should be ashamed about themselves. She is so over active, she climbs tree, jumps compound walls and what not. She always walks miles together barefooted irrespective of any season. You can't even find a single gray hair and loss of tooth, she has good eye sight and hearing as well. Also knows so many home remedies for illness, takes care of our small garden without we being asking her. She is strong and tough like a stone. Touch wood she should be fit and fine for years to come. Its really hard to find a person like her to help us in these days.
She do not feel hesitated to ask tea whenever she feels like having. She calls my dad as her brother and he prepares tea for both of them many times. As my dad is teao-holic.. so my mom is tired of preparing tea for him... :)

She is also a great believer in God.

The puffed rice vendor, he is giving us the puffed rice more than a decade only.

The vegetable vendor, she even blessed me for my prosperity... how sweet of her. How many of them in metros will we can see vendors like this? I really feel good when I see all of them whenever i go there. They feel that they are seeing their daughter. Its really a nice feeling for me.. am obliged.. :)

Both of them are enjoying their pan, which they keep on chewing as and when they get time in between their work.

She selects the good chillies for us and gives the best.

Meet Akkamma, a maid lives her life by herself. I was surprised to see a mobile set in her hand and just took a pix of her when she was busy talking to someone. This one really depicts the changes happening.
It feels good to see certain things change and few remains the same. I know change is way of life.. So is Akkamma evidence here.

The life in metros is crazy.. no one is even bothered to ask their neighbors how they are doing.. :( I hope the people at least in small town should never ever change...!

Dec 18, 2009

No Work huh!

The software tools I work on are down, and am jobless since last Friday... and will be going on leave for a week or more... :( am afraid that I may have to be jobless.... eeww! I'm tired and sick of playing Farm Ville, FishVille and Cafe World my facebook.. :(

Now I think I should start believing that "whatever happens happens for the best".

Happy Vacation and Merry Christmas!!! to all my readers... :)

Dec 16, 2009

Fighting back against sex slavery....

Its very sad to know this fact. Really appreciate the aggressiveness of this lady.

Sunitha Krishnan has dedicated her life to rescuing women and children from sex slavery, a multimilion-dollar global market. In this courageous talk, she tells three powerful stories, as well as her own, and calls for a more humane approach to helping these young victims rebuild their lives.

Click here for the complete story from Sunitha Krishnan.

Dec 14, 2009

Poignant Ping... :'(

Suddenly one fine Morning He pings Her...

He: Hey
She: Hi, seeing after a long time
He: My wife saw your baby message
She: Oh!
He: She was asking me why you call me baby
She: What did you say to her
He: I had to convince her that you are my good friend
She: I did not do anything to spoil your relationship, you know that ha!
He: she is very possessive about me
She: Yes, i can understand her feelings
He: Am sorry I have to block you for sometime
She: ... what? what did I do?
He: nothing
She: You know me right?
He: Yes re...
She: Am sorry if anything might have bothered you
He: Why are you worried?
She: Yes I am
He: ok catch you later bye
She: Bye!

Later she remembers the days He used to call her and talk anything and everything under the sun. Now that She and He are married to someone else... its creating sticky situations. It was always Him who used to take initiative in talking She always tried kind of guiding Him in the right path. But unfortunately finally when She too fell in Love with Him, and now that He is dodging Her.... :(

Corollary: Extra Connubial Concern!.. ahem!

Its happening habitually now.. I wonder why... why people why???

OOOO....Li... Li.....Life is Crazy...ssss ;)

Enjoyable Weekend!

On Friday evening itself I started to chalk out my work. I told him to take me to bank first to get my accounts transferred to the new branch near my house for the convenience of my transactions. And he did, after so many rounds to the bank I finally got my work done. Suddenly to my surprise I happened to see the familiar face who was filling out some voucher there. I told him hey! doesn't that the girl looks like "Poorvi" ?( Charter name in a Kannada serial called "Muttina Torana") we see her almost 5 days in a week in one of the daily soaps... he suddenly said yes! its her... But I was bit confused as she looked bit hefty on the Television, but he asked me to wait to finish her work. She happens to be one of my favorite characters in that Kannada serial! Mom always tells me that look Poorni (me) has come, whenever Poorvi's segment would come. She believes that I relate quite a bit to Poorvi's character. Ahem! now am not gonna reveal what are the characteristics of Poorvi... and don't want to let everyone know me so candidly.

After waiting for quite a few minutes he directly went to her, whereas I was hesitating to talk to her initially. When he started to talk then I took over and did not allow him to talk at all... :) She too was glad to talk to us.. she looked as beautiful as she looks on the small screen. Pretty clean and spotless face i liked her! Here is her Pix I took with her permission. I forgot to ask her real name eew! I was so much immersed in Poorvi's role that I was calling her with the same name.! How stupid of me.. :( But actually she seemed to be quite contrast to her role.. obviously!

Here is Poorvi for you from "Muttina Torana"

I also told that My mom likes her role and her a lot.. she was joyed to hear that, finally we wished her and left the Bank with great joy! I know its not a great thing happened with me, you can spot plenty of small screen actors in the place I live. But, its nice feeling if you see your favorite actors and talk to them, click pictures with them.. its all fun to me at least... :)

Soon after coming out of the Bank I could not wait to ring up my mom to share the joy with her. So I did call to my parents and did it, they too seemed happy and asked to get the pictures next time I visit them.

Soon after that he turned his bike towards a theatre to watch the latest movie " Maleyali Joteyali" ( English Version for Non Kannadigas-- "Together in Rain" ) starring Ganesh - a popular Kannada movie actor .

Movie Posters of "Maleyali Joteyali"

Unfortunately it was sad and disappointing to me.. :( but the fun part is that he got the tickets in black because all were sold out as it had released the day before. After sometime he looked at his tickets and found three instead of two! we were thinking for sometime to what to do with that extra ticket, he tried to resell it to a lady who was still selling in black. For the first time I saw a lady selling tickets in Black outside any theater... she heatedly refused to take it. Then he tried his luck with another guy selling the tickets there. It worked! and we were in profit!!! yeah good job there!!! that was really fun! I told him that in this recession season we can take up this business of selling tickets in Black... ;)

Hey! one thing I forgot to mention that it was an "Ekadashi Day" (Holy Fasting day for Hindus). We were just trying to keep the fast for a change and test our selves as how long can we sustain the hunger. It went all well till we reached the cinema Hall. There slowly he started to crib about food, he got Corns first, then Pop Corns, Coca- Cola, Ice cream... Huh! I kept on reminding him about the fasting he kept on getting eatables.. :( this is how we both fast... After returning from Movie with bit of headache, we just rested for a while at home and in the evening I asked him to take me to ISCKON, coz I wanted to buy some posters of Sri Srinivasa Govinda Perumal, (Nothing but Lord Tirupati) that's what my colleague had asked me to get it from ISCKON, with great difficulty I got them... yuppy!

Now that he already bought some cake, sweet bread and spicy bread and also some Butter biscuits for the guests visiting us the next day in our home. Got some hot nice Ekadashi Prasadam to eat, we ate that cake as well. He again started feeling hungry. There is a canteen in the temple itself, and was in dilemma whether to go there or not, I kept on reminding him about our fasting and he kept on hunting for the food... :( then gave him a tough choice saying that if we are eating in the canteen then I'm not gonna cook at home. But, he was badly wanting the Palak (Spinach) Parathas which I was going to prepare at night. poor thing.. :) Somehow he finally decided to eat in that canteen itself and postponed of preparing parathas the next day. I was happy coz I was saved from cooking at home..yeah!

Now that we deiced to eat there, he again started to crib about what to eat, whereas certain items are prohibited to eat on that day... I said dude! do you really think we are fasting? he ignored me.. and ordered some Appam, Idiappam (Some Kerala food items) and an Organic Dosa.... My God! we managed to finish them and he was still not full.. I got pissed out and strictly said NO MORE EATING NOW! Then helplessly he had to agree with me and went back home had some fruits and buttermilk and went to sleep..... zzz

Dec 9, 2009

I recently realized that one can write out something if one is really sad or pissed out in life.. or struggling out. Yes, its true if there is no struggle then there is no fun in achieving what we want to and this keeps us going! That's why we had so much lovely songs in olden days... I love to be sad and feel doomed out.. so that my mind churns out and comes up with nice words to put on to my blog... PHEW!