Nov 2, 2009

Second Chance

Feeling like life has given second chance for me to live... should i believe this or not? am in a dilemma :( anyways life is a continuous set of challenges, threats, happiness and all. So no one could define LIFE so far. Does the other person deserves the second chance to make it right after all those heartbreaking incidents.. ?

Nothing comes easily in life, fate is such a thing which no one has control on it. Today morning while i was waiting for my shuttle i happen to see the Jain Digambara ( a nude saint in Jainism)and people following him so quickly.. I realized that its so difficult to give up our comforts and every worldly pleasure for the wellness of the society.. How many of us have the guts to move on naked in this civilized society that too with proud and respect! Hats off to such people. These are such people who are still struggling hard to maintain the design of our society. May be because of his Darshan i might have been blessed by this second chance. My heart is repeatedly saying this to me. So feel like believing in second chance i got today to live.

After all what we take with us when we are gone? Whatever pleasures and pains we got, we got from this world and gonna leave back here itself. So living every moment of our life happily matters. And unfortunately we tend to forget this truth in our busy possessive world. And what for we struggle so much in life? We achieve all the conveniences just to be happy, then why we look for our happiness in materials than loving people around us. Why man has become so selfish? But sometimes we forget all this when we have things with us. We only realize the importance of anything when we lose it. Why don't we understand this before losing it? May be this is what Human nature is!

Whats the fun in life if everything goes by our wish and plan? I think there is fun in making impossible things possible in our life. Then there is no limit for our happiness when you achieve what you wanted. Realizing one's mistake and rectifying the same is what is intelligence and is a real human being. Let me see how far my this logic works for me.. :) Should i trust this ray of hope?