Aug 4, 2011

H - Factor!

Last night in the freezing cold  I was even more trembling with all my  warm velvety blanket and cozy bed. As I drenched in the heavy rain that evening. Slowly, my mind started to drift with the cold breeze steadily propelling in from the corners-of-the-window, piercing into the room. Its all the English alphabets scintillating me to envisage. Wondered how these 26 letters in English are making the world go round. Just imagine world without these amazing alphabets for a minute. Its hard I know. Then went by my lucky number 8 and picked alphabet "H". It "launched me into a whole new world passed "hot" and "high."

Now that might sound a bit speculating. As I started to liberate my imagination unfold from that cozy blanket...

"H," that towering letter, looked like a bastion of hope in the alphabetic sea. Which can whisper like in "how" or lengthen the sound of "A" in "Shah," and it can even be silent in "where" and "why." "S" becomes "Shhh," "T" becomes "The," and "C" becomes "Che."

"H" does everything a letter should. It works hard for its place as the eighth letter in the alphabet. It dramatically affects any letter it comes in contact with".

 Ladder to Sky!
When I thought about its structure, it stands alone on its two strong pillars, symbolizing its endurance to withstand any situation. If you carefully observe the letter and try to fix it one above the other it turns up to a ladder! Isn't that amazing! Ladder signifies a lot. Then sky  is the limit for its purview...

Well, what goes up should also come down eventually, which is the fact and proved on this planet earth. ( Though this rule doesn't hold good in space..;)

um-mm this is my H-Factor for you. Yawn, Yawn!!! Tell me which factor are you! and very soon I was transposed to another dream world...

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