Jan 20, 2011

Expiry Date!

This morning, to my serendipity a friend of mine made me realize
something which i was too least bothered about. Everything comes with an "expiry date", its so very true! Like everything comes with the price tag so does the expiry date along with that... :)

Take your job for instance, when you start feeling lazy about getting ready to start to your work place and no more things excite you there, challenge you or see your not making much difference being there, THEN realize that there is something missing, lacking and going wrong!!!! that's the signal to look out for some more exciting stuff for yourself. Yes, what you can and want to take up next is altogether a different level totally!

We get so busy and "addicted" to our day to day activities and we keep on hanging in there until we get an alarming signal that you can no more go on from there. OK let me cut it short - if you start feeling the same.. go get a life for yourself hump... :) We need challenges, different tasks unlike the conventional ones in the past.

On contrary its quite difficult to apply the same rule when it comes to relationships. You will end up in chaos! So its always better to be with a known devil than with unknown angel. But sometimes fact is stranger than fiction, it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't - Mark Twain

Ahem! what are your expiry dates in your life? Take your call NOW track all your expiry dates!