Nov 18, 2009

My Love

Thousands and thousands of miles away,
In a place called Shanghai, where he stay;

Who is so dear to me,
that His separation is not bearable by me;

My heart always craved to be his dear,
When we were studying together;

He is now settled there with good job,
But my heart is not still out of his cob;

He is such a good guy,
that nobody can say to him good-bye;

He talks to me so many times,
But never says that am the reason for his smiles;

My love for him nobody can smell,
As I have kept him in my heart like a pearl in the shell;

He's ray of hope of my life,
As, I want to be his wife;

How should I tell him that he is my passion,
And not a friend for fashion;

He's my life's pilot,
As, the blood is  for a sinking patient;

My love for him will never peter-out,
Till I pass-out!

- Thursday, 28th July 2005; 12:30pm