Oct 25, 2009

"Facets of Love"

Love is a beautiful feeling for sure,
Because it is the only thing which has the power to cure;

It turns a man to human being,
And gives the life a real meaning;

Love has the capacity to turn every negative to positive,
And makes every being sensitive;

Love gives the strength to patience,
And fills the life with sweet fragrance;

Love can make Man-Kind,
As it is said Love is blind;

Love brings every lips a smile,
But no one can stay without it a while;

Though! everybody crave for Love,
But, rarely few people dare to Love;

Love is earth's greatest asset,
Which has its own various facets.

-Poornima Kulkarni
Sunday, 17th July, 2005; 11.20pm


Wed-lock, tying knot ... why is it said so... i wonder... why? it sounds like bonded labor...that's why may be today's generation is scared to get married and to fall into any commitment like this, or feel its added responsibility or burden? They are not brave enough to face this kind of bondage and fear of losing their freedom and space.. more than before!

Feeling: Locked

Any suggestions... for renaming? Please feel free to share... :)