Jan 26, 2010

I Fell In Love With "Her " Again!

She is 61 year old, if you just turn that digits the other way round she sounds not less than a 16 year old girl...still have the same charm, enthu , beauty, glamor and what not. She is loving, caring and majestic. I once again fell in Love with all her radiant colors, her moods and her sympathy towards humans, her toleration et al.. no one can just beat her in beauty as well as her revolt. Yes my populace.... its none other than "My Mother India". We can call it as "World at one place".
I wish I would have been in Delhi on this auspicious day, that is 26th January. My tears slowly but surely stabbed down from my eyes with lots of Love and Pride. Felt fortunate enough to be born on this land of duty and dignity the one and only Incredible INDIA!.

It really drove my adrenaline rush when saw the soliders marching forward in that piercing cold weather. Yes because of the sacrifices of these brave soldiers we have our sound sleep and sweet dreams... my thankful salutes to all these guys.

As I was watching the Republic Day Celebration at Rajghat, along Vijaypath in Delhi, just could not help getting goose bumps by hearing the heroic stories of the martyr soldiers who won "Ashok Chakra" and also some "National Bravery Award" winner kids too... felt so touched.... hats off to those brave hearted guys there.

The tableaux were fantastic way of reflecting our Indian culture and rich heritage... "Unity in Diversity"... all the different regiments, the Army, Navy and Air Force shows, parades... all made feel proud that India has so much to safeguard its wealth. Wealth not only means to enjoy for self, its also meant to share and distribute its richness may be in terms of sharing our values with the whole world out there. Really one makes feel proud that we have so much to offer to the world.

We Indians should safeguard all our cultural heritage and carry forward to the next coming generations together. Lets conserve all our natural resources, give clean and safe environment to our offsprings. Help the needy and spend time with the less fortunate, physically and mentally challenged people. At least give back something good to the society from which we enjoy so much, its our duty to give back.. lets promise on this occasion that we will do our best to make this a better place. Hope am not getting too much here... ahem!

India, is a country of peace... lets not make her into pieces... :(

Very proud to say that we are having the most young/ youth population in the world. Lets make good out of our young energy and make a positive difference to India and the world.

Let our National Flag unfurl for all the prosperity and peace in the country and in the entire world... thats what we pray in sanskrit... "Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu" meaning Let the whole world be happy!

Lets say Vande Mataram!
Vande Mataram!

Jai Hind!

Jan 21, 2010

Bonjour, mes amis!

Hey I just found out from my colleague's blog that today is "World Hug Day"!!! and yes I admit that am inspired by her to thank and Hugg people I love the most.

Thanks Sowmya and big Hugggg to you there... for inspiring me to dedicate my Hugggss to my near and dear ones...

Its usually for Peace and Communal Celebration.

Being from a traditional and conserved background I feel awkward to hug my loved ones publicly, and am really sad about it... :( but am not anymore.. :)

Through this post I would really like to Hug them all who made a mark in my life so far.
Of course Amma(Mom)
For all your caring and all that unconditional love... here is my Huggg for you amma...

How can I miss Daddy
For all your support in my pleasure and pain... and being there for me when i needed you.... my warm Huggg to you Daddy!!!

Teasing Brother!
Thanks to all your useful information you shared with me and helped me in making my own decisions... I wish you all the very best for your best and bright future... a cute Hugggg for you bro...!!!

Sensitive and emotional Husband!
Thanks Chiki for all your Love and affection and support.... thanks for being my punch bag.. I love you...muuua... My adorable Huggg to you dear....
Thanks for being there .. no matter how worse my life was... You are such a darling friend that i can ever have. You are the best thing that happened to me... A sweet Hugg for you.....

Hey Sandy you are so special to me, I never realized that you could be such a lovely friend to me in my bad times thats real friend... Hey no one can replace you there.... your calls from US just for me... I love that. That support that warmness that comfortness I share with you... is just irreplaceable... Thanks to you too.. a special Huggg to you darling!!!!

You are my childhood favourite friend. Am so glad to have you till now. You are so supportive and encouraging!!! a lovely Huggggg to you dear

You too my sweetheart.. how lovely were those days when we both used to be always together in our preschool.. :) i really miss that.. and thanks for being in touch and supportive and motivating me... and making me feel strong.. Love you Ashi... lovely Huggg to you.. :)

Rama Akka
My sweet cousin.... I just love her.. she is one of my favorite cousins... Sweet Huggg to you akka...

Lovely friend... I like your that dimple smile.. keep it that way always... a Huggg for you... :)

Thanks for those talks and calls.. you are lovely too I can ever forget... i love your photography knack and the way you see things through your camera lens and you are just too cool in that... A warm Huggg to you...
Finally my pets whom I call Sony/Sonpari ( My Cat) and Late sweet Tomy [My Late Dog.. I wish i could Hugg you sweetheart.. :X( ]
Lovely and adorable cute cute Huggss to my cats and its kittens and cute dogs .. for making me happy and keeping alive that little child and innocence in me. You guys are the most precious asset to teach me how to care and love unconditionally for sure. Yes I know am crazy for them....
Here goes the other explanation apart from my personal feelings... that I collected from internet...

This Thursday, wherever in the world you happen to be, look out for smiling extraverts standing in town centres displaying a 'Free Hugs' notice. Then shed your inhibitions, and go up and give them a warm embrace, for Thursday the 21st is universally recognised as 'World Hugging Day'. The movement started in 1986 when a Michigan vicar, the Rev Kevin Zaborney, was feeling a trifle low and in desperate need of human sympathy and support.

So, risking the ridicule of passers-by, he went into the local square wearing a 'Free Hugs' sign. The response to this strange offer was so wholehearted, and widely publicised, that the event quickly spread around the world. In Australia, a man known only by the pseudonym 'Juan Mann', was feeling depressed and lonely following a sequence of personal problems. He went to a party, feeling particularly dejected and forlorn, and a complete stranger sensing his mood, came up to him and gave him a consoling hug. 'I felt like a king!,' he later recalled 'It was the greatest thing that ever happened.' The effect was so dramatic, that he took up his place in the central mall in Sydney and, like the Rev Zaborney, invited strangers to give him a hug. Most people thought him a complete nutter, but after fifteen minutes an elderly lady plucked up courage and gave him an embrace. Over the next few weeks more and more people responded to his 'Free Hugs' invitation. This caused such a stir that the police tried to bring his activities to a halt. They told him that he must quit his pitch unless he took out costly public liability insurance in case he was sued for indecent assault. This was a groundless argument, for hugs can never be considered a form of sexual harassment when they're freely shared by consenting adults.

The truth is that we live in a repressed society, which has still not freed itself from the prison of puritanical prudery. Friendly hugs are not to be confused with petting and cuddling. They're a form of social signalling which can be used to express delight at meeting an old friend, or to console someone who's been bereaved. At other times they're exchanged as a sign of shared joy. I well remember the spontaneous celebrations which took place when peace was declared at the end of the Second World War. On VE Day, and VJ Day, vast crowds gathered together to sing and dance. Totally strangers embraced one another, not with erotic intent, but out of unadulterated joy. For a brief while we shed our aloofness and revelled in the fact that we were all part of one united, happy community.

Hugging is far too good to be left to bears and other close knit social animals. Studies show that it offers human beings profound psychosocial benefits. It also triggers beneficial physiological changes, including a lowering of blood pressure and an increase in the circulatory levels of the relaxing 'cuddle' hormone oxytocin. So let's shed our inhibitions and make the most of this bonding exercise, not just on World Hugging Day, but throughout the entire year. You can't have too much of a good thing.

If you want to know more about the benefits of hugging visit Amazon and get a second hand copy of The Hug Therapy Book (1994) by Kathleen Keating. Or maybe, if you've got the courage, set out to be a catalyst for change and go into the local market place yourself displaying a recognisable 'Free Hugs' sign. Since this website is now being read around the globe, the sign should read 'Libere los abrazos' in Spanish speaking countries. In Germany it's: 'Geben Sie Umarmurgen Frei'; and in France: 'Liberez les entreintes'. Since I'm no linguist, I've obtained these phrases by using the excellent, free translation service offered by Yahoo Babel Fish.

So pass your hugs to your loved ones...

Its already been four years now... what all we had been through together...huh!

hope to have better days ahead!

Sometimes it feels time just rolls down so quickly... and many times it seems to be frozen for me.

Jan 12, 2010

My name is Po...

I had just cut short my name from Poornima to Po. Someone just pinged me and said that my short name reminds him about a Psychiatrist and an International Author De bono. That guy coined the word Po and this guy who pinged me gave me the eitmology of this word.... :P So go ahead and read it... its interesting!

Meaning of Po: Beyond Yes and No is the basic primer of a revolutionary way of thinking. Edward de Bono maintains that most of us are trapped within the rigid confines of traditional thinking, limited by concepts which have developed simply for the purpose of arriving at the 'right' answer. While humanity has advanced technologically, in the realm of ideas and thought processes we are, he says, still using the restricted and the restricting concepts that have always been used.

He offers Po as a device for changing our ways of thinking: a method for approaching problems in a new and more creative way. It is the product of a research scientist who notably - and very entertainingly - thinks for himself.

I hope it is sufficient

Jan 2, 2010

जिए कैसे बंदा ?

जिन्दा कैसे रहे बंदा?
जब जिंदगी बनरहा फ़ासी का फंदा |
विशवास की चट्टान का टूट सा जाना | ऐसे ;
अब मुश्किल हैं उन टुकड़ों का वापस समेट्पाना | फिरसे ||
दिल इतना टूट गया जिसका,
की जैसे सबसे नाता छुट सा गया उसका |
सारे जज़्बात बेह्गाये | ऐसे ;
खौलता हुआ लावा चट्टान से निकला हो जैसे |
ए जज़्बात कैसे होंगे फिर से जिन्दा ?
जब खुद होगया वो बर्फ की तरह ठंडा |
ऐसे में क्या करें वो  बंदा ?
जिसकी आँखें हो गए हो अँधा |
क्या वो कभी उड़ पायेगा बनके परिंदा ?
या बन जायेगा किसी शिकारी का शिकंजा?

- पूर्णिमा
१६/४/२००५ ; १२.१० पम